Concept Art: 100-year-old Scotch

Canada’s National Post has an odd piece about a guy who worked in the Glenfiddich distillery for three months and came a way with a radical idea.

Dave Dyment suggests creating 50 bottles of 100-year-old scotch, to be sold now and claimed in 2108.

“So I propose a project whereby I attempt to produce a barrel of 100-year-old Scotch, which will be housed in a handsomely designed wooden box. It’s a ‘conceptual’ piece, if you will, but every earnest attempt will be made to overcome evaporation and other obstacles and successfully brew enough spirit for 50 bottles. These will be pre-sold now, both to art collectors and whiskey connoisseurs. An explanatory text will outline that the purchaser can claim the whiskey once it reaches its planned maturation in 2108. It will truly be a gift set, because anyone who is old enough to purchase it will be dead before it is available to drink. It becomes a piece about trust, history, investment, inheritance and patience.”

I think I need a drink.

~ by whisky1 on August 13, 2008.

One Response to “Concept Art: 100-year-old Scotch”

  1. […] written before about Canadian Glenfiddich artist in residence Dave Dyment’s plan to create a 100 year old whisky, and Grant & Sons whisky barrel art […]

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