Same Whisky, Different Casks. Compare and Contrast.

Bruichladdich says it has unexpectedly produced two very different scotches from the same vintage, thanks to two different types of sherry casks used in the finishing.

“One cask type had contained Olorosso, a dark, sweet, fortified wine, the backbone of ‘cream’ sherry,” Bruichladdich wrote in a release. “The other Manzanilla, a pale, dry, sophisticated wine aged by the Atlantic. Having absorbed the respective wines’ characteristics, the wood has then influenced the maturing whisky, resulting in two different versions from identical original spirit.”

1998 Bruichladdich Manzanilla

1998 Bruichladdich Manzanilla

1998 Bruichlaiddich Oloroso

1998 Bruichlaiddich Oloroso

~ by whisky1 on August 14, 2008.

One Response to “Same Whisky, Different Casks. Compare and Contrast.”

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