Tasting Terms

Following last night’s tasting I found myself torn.

On the one hand I can’t stand the pretentious notes that seem to be industry standard identifying vanillas and cherries and tobacco and oranges, sometimes all in the same snifter. In a review I really just want to know if the whisky tastes good, and if it seems like a decent value. Knowing that there are overtones of chocolate doesn’t do either for me — chocolate in whisky could be sublime or foul, and most probably the latter.

One of our big motives in launching Scotchtalk.com was to get out from under the whisky literature, which is often useless for novices and almost always annoying. That said, I found myself lacking in descriptive acumen and eager for a broader vocabulary to describe whisky qualities and sharpen my critical focus. Again, I am emphatically not a trained scotch expert, but rather an enthusiast looking to explore, understand and share honestly and unpretentiously.

Anyway I found this glossary of scotch tasting terms on Google. While it threatens to send me down the slippery slope of pretentious scotch snob, I’m going to start thinking about these words in relation to scotch to see if there’s a good middle ground that’s both descriptive and relevant. You may start seeing some of these terms in my tasting notes. God help me.

~ by whisky1 on August 17, 2008.

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  1. […] an ass? Tough problem for a scotch blogger at any time, but especially when it comes to tastings. Our philosophy on Scotchtalk is no pretension. Use normal terms that would be helpful to normal […]

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