Aberfeldy Distillery Notes

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Aberfeldy Distillery
Aberlfeldy, Perthshire, PH15 2EB
Tel: +44 (0)1887 822010 / Fax: +44 (0)1887 822012

Aberfeldy is the private distillery of Dewar’s, a division of Bacardi. It is located in the center of Scotland, about 5 miles east of Loch Tay and the town of Kenmore and 8 miles south of Loch Tummel. Aberfeldy sits near the fresh water stream Pitilie Burn.

For nearly a century, the distillery was used to supply the heart of Dewar’s famous blends, but now limited quantities of Aberfeldy single malt whisky are also available. (A quick note on blends: These have fallen out of fashion, but as I’ve posted previously, some blends can be gorgeous.)

Dewar’s itself was founded in 1846 by John A. Dewar, a farmer’s son and one-time joiner. Construction on Aberfeldy began 1896 and the distillery went into production in 1898. The following year, the company launched its hugely successful White Label blend and became a whisky powerhouse for most of the next century, despite production interruptions during both the first and second world wars.


Aberfeldy 12 ($37, BevMo) was first distilled in 1999 at the Aberfeldy distillery by Dewar’s sixth master blender, Tom Aitken.

Aberfeldy 21 ($150, BevMo) is a longer aged single malt whisky, also from the Aberfeldy distillery.

Dewar’s White Label ($21, BevMo) was first created in 1899 and consists of a mixture of up to 40 single malt Scotch whiskies. It has proven to be the company’s most popular blended Scotch Whisky over the past 100 years.

Dewar’s 12-Year Special Reserve ($25, BevMo) is another blended Scotch Whisky that contains a mixture of different 12 year old malt and grain Scotch whiskies. Dewar’s 12 brand was first created by Tom Aitken. After blending, the mixture sits in reserved oak casks, allowing the different flavors and aromas to harmonize in a process known as “marrying.”

Dewar’s Signature (BevMo, $160) is a blend based on aged Aberfeldy Single Malt whisky.

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