The Nameless $1500 Scotch Whisky That Tastes Like Pot

I just read this amusing account of a Scotch whisky tasting on a site called Rubbing the Gecko, which despite the name comes off as a pretty knowledgeable post.

After working my way through several descriptions of a few good and even rare bottles provided by host Adelphi Bottlers, I was stopped by this gem:

The Whisky that cannot be named. 50yo Speyside 54.3% 1953-2003 cask#1668 I’ll go into more detail below, but: nose: sweet fruit, caramel, coconut (strong), vanilla. Palate: old, lager (good quality one), smoke, incredibly complex finish: med, soft, changes, THC. 10/10.

That last one is the $1500 NZ bottle. It was incredible, first sip or two not much happened, then the complexity began to explode. each sip, each hold in the mouth and another flavour began. i have no idea if it’s worth $1500 as I haven’t had anything else in that price range before, but I would suggest it probably is. The THC overtones were amusing and quite noticeable, which may also be the ‘lager’ notes I picked up on (the two are similar). The reason it can’t be named is some distilleries who sell Adelphi their casks don’t want to be linked, which if the flavour is sooo different to the house blend makes some sense. Daniel mentioned that very old Glenfarclas is known to have THC overtones, and the two dominant theories are a Glenfarclas or the Macallan.

THC? Wow, man.

~ by whisky1 on August 24, 2008.

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