Scotch Whisky Exports Buck Trends

A recent BBC article cites some solid data indicating the global demand for Scotch:

  • Even with the slowdown in many leading economies, demand for scotch is holding up.
  • There is robust growth in most of the major markets, including North America.
  • Total Scotch sales in China have risen dramatically, from £1m in 2000 to £40m last year.
  • It is thought another £30m or so is sold on from consignments arriving in Singapore.
  • Distilling capacity is being increased at its fastest rate since the early 1970s.
  • A new malt distillery was opened in Girvan by William Grant and Sons last year.
  • Diageo is planning a major new plant on Speyside.
  • Mothballed plants are also coming back into operation.
  • More than £500m of new investment has been announced over the last 18 months.

~ by whisky1 on September 14, 2008.

One Response to “Scotch Whisky Exports Buck Trends”

  1. […] Whisky sales have held their own for months through signs of an economic downtown; but following the global stock rout this week, all bets are off. Broad financial pain like this always discourages consumer spending across the board. And while sin sales like alcohol generally buck spending slow-down trends, it will be tough to see fast-growing Scotch sales maintain their pace. […]

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