‘A Great Tragedy That Changed the Essence of the Product’

The Wine and Cheese Place blog has a short post of Scotch whisky “truths” from Michel Couvreur, a Belgian wine seller who exports Scotch Whisky to the continent and ages it in Burgundy wine cellars in sherry casks.

His techniques are unusual, but his whiskies (the end result is a single malt, but not Scotch, according the Scotch Whisky Association rules) get high marks for orginality from some quarters. Here are some tasting notes from McGees.org, and a short, informative if somewhat fannish biography.

His points are a bit self-serving, but interesting and probably worthy of debate, particularly points 5 and 6:

5. The secret of Scotch whisky or the most important factor in the unique quality was aging in Port or Sherry casks that had been subjected to a 25-year “Solera process”. During the “Solera process”, the cask has continually been refreshed and topped off with new sherry or port.

6. During the 1970’s American bourbon casks gradually replaced port and sherry casks in the production of Scotch whisky, a great tragedy, which changed the essence of the product.

~ by whisky1 on September 18, 2008.

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