Interesting Profile of Glenfiddich’s Artists in Residence Program

The Scotsman has a longish article on Grant & Sons artists in residence program that’s worth a read.

This year, seven artists were each awarded £10,000 by the distillery – plus money for travel and materials – to spend three months living and working on Glenfiddich’s Dufftown estate.

They’re not expected to make work about whisky, though the distillery’s owners, William Grant & Sons, are looking for proposals that respond to the unique environment.

Last year, instead of issuing an open call for artists, Glenfiddich refocused its efforts on the countries that are its largest overseas markets – Canada, the United States, China, Taiwan, Spain and South Africa – with a view to establishing ongoing links with the arts in those countries. The fruits of this are being harvested: an exhibition in Taiwan last year, and an exchange residency with Banff Arts Centre in Canada, being taken up by Scottish artist Kate Davis.

“We’re interested in the building up of relationships,” says arts project manager Andy Fairgrieve. “Whisky is about relationships. We’re trying to establish connections, but things that are forced don’t tend to work so well as those which develop organically.”

We’ve written before about Canadian Glenfiddich artist in residence Dave Dyment’s plan to create a 100 year old whisky, and Grant & Sons whisky barrel art project.

~ by whisky1 on September 19, 2008.

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