On 150th Anniversary, Canadian Club Releases 30 Year Old

OK, this isn’t Scotch whisky, but I grew up in Canada so this one caught my eye. Canadian Club feels like an old timer’s drink these days – ice fishermen and what-not. But it began as a premium whisky and as one of the few distillers to insist on aging helped cement the practice as a key part of the whisky-making process (at least in North America).

The company celebrates its 150th anniversary this year.

Like its more common cousin, the Canadian Club 30YO is a blended whisky, but in this case it has been aged in white oak casks for 3 decades. It is being released in limited quantities through the end of 2008 and will retail for $180.

From the release:

The Canadian Club 30 Year Old is generously aged in white oak barrels,
resulting in an extraordinary whisky that belies the senses. The pre-barrel
blending process, meanwhile, marries a rich blend of whiskies before aging
begins for a unique approach that results in a final product that is smooth
and balanced like no other whisky on the market. Evidently, the same patience
that began 150 years ago is still found in every bottle of Canadian Club sold

~ by whisky1 on September 26, 2008.

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