Glenmorangie Original, Ardbeg Take Top Marks in ‘Whisky Bible 2008’

LVMH-owned Glenmorangie has taken lots of chances lately, tinkering with its brand and recipes to great effect as it revamps its business.

The risks appear to be paying off, with rave reviews of its flagship 10 year old expression, which was rebranded as Glenmorangie Original (10 years old), as well as its Ardbeg Islay brand. Both have won top marks in the Whisky Bible 2008, Glenmorangie reports:

The Original “remains one of the great single malts: a whisky of uncompromising aesthetic beauty from the first enigmatic whiff to the last teasing and tantalizing gulp”.

Another stellar ranking awarded to The Glenmorangie Company includes naming Ardbeg 10 Years Old as the “2008 World Whisky of the Year” citing it as “the most complex malt on earth” and bestowing a score of 97 points, higher than any other Island Malt Whisky.

Glenmorangie is reportedly the most popular brand of Scotch in its native Scotland. Under master distiller Bill Lumsden, the company has been on the forefront of experiment, and has produced a wide variety of wood finishes.

Glenmorangie is reportedly really shaking things up this fall with several new bottlings from both Ardbeg and its eponymous brand. It is also moving its HQ to Edinburgh from Broxburn, and agreed to sell its Glen Moray distillery to the French firm La Martiniquaise.

The Glenmorangie Signet, made from roasted and chocolate barley, is meant to be its new flagship bottling.

It also revamped its bottles and launched a “signet” logo based on the Cadboll stone, an old Pict carving from the 8th Century found on the site of the Glenmorangie estate.

More recently, it has replaced its Artisan Cask with a new cask strength bottling dubbed Astar.

~ by whisky1 on October 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Glenmorangie Original, Ardbeg Take Top Marks in ‘Whisky Bible 2008’”

  1. Has the Signet been seen on the US market yet?

  2. I ordered a bottle from Crown Wine & Spirits, this is the link to the Signet bottle.

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