Indian-Made Armut Single Malt Whisky Gets a Nod

Geoff Last has a good write-up of some new single malt releases in the Calgary Herald, including an interesting couple of grafs on a single malt distillery in Bangalore, India, called Armut:

Scotland produces the lion’s share of single malt whisky, but it doesn’t have a monopoly. Several weeks ago, I tasted a lineup of single malts from Amrut, a distillery in Bangalore, India. The Amrut distillery was founded in 1948 and began producing malt whisky in the early 1980s.

The barley is sourced from Punjab and Rajasthan and dried over fires fuelled by imported Scottish peat. They offer three whiskies — a non-peated malt ($55), peated malt ($80) and cask strength ($105). These efforts are almost indistinguishable from their Scottish counterparts and I was impressed with the peated and cask versions. I would have preferred a more noticeable departure from the traditional Scottish malts rather than an attempt to emulate them, but they are worth trying nonetheless. Cheers!

Oddly, I can find nothing about this distillery on Google. If anyone has more info, please post in the comments.

~ by whisky1 on October 31, 2008.

One Response to “Indian-Made Armut Single Malt Whisky Gets a Nod”

  1. Try “Amrut” as opposed to “Armut” on Google, and you will find it. I’m going to India in a few months and plan to check it out. Thanks.

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